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The Knowledge Champion 2022 - KUWAIT

The annual talent search competition, 'The Knowledge Champion 2022 - Kuwait' was held on Saturday, 23rd of April 2022. 


National Champions

Senior Group

Jadon John Punchayil.jpg

Jadon John Punchayil

Grade 9, United Indian School, Kuwait

(National Champion)

Atif Aslam-updated.jpg

Atif Aslam C

Grade 9, Indian Community School Kuwait, Amman

(National Champion Runner-Up)

Aarya Rajeev - updated.jpg

Aarya Rajeev

Grade 5, Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait

(National Champion)

Ridhi Bali - Updated2.jpg

Ridhi Bali

Grade 7, Indian Community School Kuwait, Khaitan

(National Champion Runner-Up)

Junior Group



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To see the Winners with their Trophies, Medals & Certificates


Special Prize for Exemplary Performance

Senior Group

Hamzah Al Faleh.jpg

Hamzah Al Faleh

Grade 8, International School of Kuwait

Junior Group

Zainab Iqbal-updated.jpg

Zainab Iqbal

Grade 4, International School of Pakistan, Kuwait

Nawal Noor - New.jpg

Nawal Noor

Grade 4, Indian English Academy School, Kuwait

Aryan Harish-updated.jpg

Aryan Harish

Grade 7, Indian Community School Kuwait, Amman

Kareem Soliman.jpg

Kareem Soliman

Grade 7, International School of Kuwait

Congratulations to all the Winners!

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