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The Knowledge Champion

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding 'The Knowledge Champion' contests here. 

What is 'The Knowledge Champion'?

The Knowledge Champion (TKC) is an annual inter-school general knowledge talent search contest to identify and nurture talented minds and to improve the general knowledge of students. It is aimed at creating interest and improving awareness about science, technology, literature, arts, architecture, logical reasoning, and current affairs among students.


What is the criteria for participation?

To participate, individuals must be enrolled as students in one of the schools within the country for which the exam is being conducted. The participating student must be in one of the grades IV to X at the time of the exam (not at the time of registration). The contest will be conducted separately for Junior Group (class IV to VII) and for Senior Group (class VIII to X).


How do I register for 'The Knowledge Champion'?

To register for the exam, visit our official TKC main page here and navigate to the desired TKC registration page. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary information and complete the registration process. School authorities have the option to register students in bulk. For inquiries regarding bulk registrations, please contact


Is there a Registration Fee?

Yes, there is a nominal registration fee to cover administrative costs and ensure the smooth conduct of the exam. The fee details are provided during the registration process.


When is the 'The Knowledge Champion' scheduled?

The exam schedules, including dates and times for each competition, can be found on the registration pages dedicated to each specific TKC event. You can navigate to specific TKC event pages from the main page here


How is the 'The Knowledge Champion' conducted?

The exam is conducted online through our secure platform and remotely proctored via video and audio. Participants will log in at the scheduled time and answer a series of multiple-choice questions within the allotted time frame. The platform is user-friendly, ensuring a smooth and seamless testing experience.


What's the duration of the 'The Knowledge Champion' exam?

Duration of the exam is 1 Hour (100 multiple Choice Questions).


How can I attend the exam?

You can attend the exam by signing into the candidate site (You'll receive the link to the candidate site, along with your Username and Password, in a separate email a few days prior to the exam).

Take a look at this video demo to get an overview of the candidate site and the process for taking the exam :


Can I take a practice exam?

Once you sign into the candidate site, go to ‘Upcoming Exams’ and you’ll see the “TKC-Sample Exam”. 

This is a 10-question practice exam that the candidate can repeat up to a maximum of 3 times before the start of the exam to practice and get familiar with the exam pattern. (Please note that the practice Exam is not remotely proctored, however, the actual exam will be.)


Declaration of Results

  • Results will be declared within 4 weeks after the contest. 

  • Winners and their respective schools will be contacted individually.


How will the prizes be distributed?

  • Cash Prizes, if applicable, will be transferred directly to the bank account of the Parent/Guardian.

  • Trophies, Medals, and certificates, as applicable, will be dispatched to the participant's school. We will coordinate with school authorities to ensure the prize is handed to the student. Should a participant/parent/guardian prefer to receive the prize directly, please notify us along with the designated address for package delivery.


Is there any other important information I need to know about 'The Knowledge Champion'?

  1. The candidate must log in to the candidate site at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the exam. This is to ensure that there are no unexpected delays.

  2. The exam can only be started at the scheduled start time.

  3. Once you start the exam, a Timer could be seen on the top right of the screen, and the countdown will display the time remaining for you.  When you’re done answering the questions, you can finish the exam. However, when the timer runs out, the exam ends by default. After that, NO action is possible.

  4. IMPORTANT TO NOTE : The exam will be remotely proctored via both video and audio monitoring. Please keep mobile phones and other electronic devices away from you since these might cause interference, resulting in automatic termination of the exam.

  5. There will be a total of 100 multiple-choice questions. It is not mandatory to answer all questions.

  6. You can finish this exam even if any questions are un-attempted.

  7. Incorrect answers carry negative marks. So candidates are advised that they read the question and options carefully before selecting the answer. 

  8. You can flag any of the questions you might like to revisit during the course of the exam.

  9. You can clear the answers you already selected if you do not wish to submit a response to a question.

  10. If you drop the exam (for eg: by closing the browser), it will not be submitted, and results will not be generated.

Once the exam is finished, it cannot be resumed.


Are there any pre-requisites for attending 'The Knowledge Champion'?

  1. A laptop/desktop computer or a tablet PC with a good internet connection. (Minimum 1.5 MBPS)

  2. A working Camera and a Microphone are mandatory to participate in the exam.

  3. The device should be equipped with one of the latest browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge).

  4. The detailed instructions and the camera view will be shown to candidates before the exam starts.

  5. Candidates should check the system compatibility from the candidate site prior to the exam (To do this, go to the Dashboard and click on the link ‘START CHECKING’ on the right side of the page under ‘Check system compatibility’).


IMPORTANT - Secure Exam Advise

The Knowledge Champion is video-recorded and live-streamed to the exam administrator. Kindly follow the below instructions to ensure a smooth exam process:

  1. Candidates are advised to be seated in a quiet room with sufficient lighting.

  2. No one else other than the candidate is allowed to be in the same room. (Candidates can seek help from a parent/adult, if required, for signing in until the start of the exam. Once the exam starts, the parent/adult must leave the room).

  3. Ensure the front of your face is towards the camera at all times.

  4. Candidates are not allowed to leave their seats once the exam commences.

  5. Ensure no one else can see the screen.

  6. The use of mobile phones during the exam is prohibited.

  7. The use of headphones, earphones, or any other listening device is prohibited.

  8. All unusual actions are monitored and counted. Repeated violations will result in a termination of the exam for the candidate. 

  9. The following actions are not permitted during the exam:

    • Minimizing the browser

    • Resizing the browser

    • Open a new tab

    • Open a new program

    • Taking a screenshot

    • Pressing Ctrl + C

    • Pressing Ctrl + V

    • Pressing Print Screen

    • Pressing F12

  10. Furthermore, below are considered unusual behavior:

  • Less visibility in the room

  • Face not clearly visible

  • The candidate left the seat

  • Side face found

  • Another person found

  • All movements in the background should be avoided

  • Mobile phone found (Mobile phones & other electronic devices should be kept far away)

  • Other objects found - such as books, paper, pen, water bottle, glass etc.

Get in Touch

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

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